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About Us 

We are mom-and-pop cider makers. That’s what we were twelve years ago, that’s what we are today, and that’s all we have plans to be. True, we have a far-reaching reputation (due in part to some great press) but we are nothing more than a tiny homestead farm. Remember that.

“All I want is to offer what we drink at home” -was the one and only line of my business plan in 2007. But I soon realized that there’s no way to reproduce this exact cider by upping the volume. The soul of the cider becomes compromised as it leaves home-production. But cider as a category was growing and it forced us to a crossroads: pressure to produce more came from market demand, financial carrots, and even political pressures. But my reason for making cider is a personal one. I want to plug into time and for this house to remain timeless. Defending the old standard -simple but excellent homestead cider -from exploitation, compromises and corner-cutting is now an appendage to my business plan.   

Our home orchard, for instance, is roughly 5 acres in size, not because we couldn’t enlarge it, but because that’s as large an area that one family can personally cultivate without employing industrial measures and/or scale economics. We don’t hire farm-workers to do “the bulk stuff” for us and we don’t use chemicals, or any sprays for that matter. Nothing can take the place of personally observing and addressing each tree’s health.

Similarly, we limit cider production to about 30 barrels of cider a year. This is certainly not because we can’t sell more and it’s not for lack of success that we don’t scale-up. That volume relates to what we ourselves -our hands, our backs, mom-and-pop homesteaders, and not specialists -can harvest and press each Fall. In my mind, that’s still a lot of apples to collect in a short 5-week harvest season! And without industrial pressing equipment the juice flows slowly.

But again, I know from experience that if we tried to make more we’d lose the intimacy I require to feel I’ve done my best without compromises. These 30 barrels (about 1500 gallons) is but a tiny fraction of what most cideries, orchards, and wineries produce each year (even the ones most people think are small) but this is my scale and my land. There is no comparison to a personal standard. 

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