How to Drink Cider

Like white wine, cider should be stored in a cool, dark place to protect it.  This is especially true for non-sulfited, non-sorbated, non-filtered, and naturally effervescent wines (such as our ciders.)  It should be chilled before opening and served cold, then poured into a wine glass to experience it’s aromatics and color.


Cider is for the most part a dinner drink.  Meals without cider or wine are like an orchestra without a string section.  But because it has less alcohol than wine the senses remain sharper allowing the diner to better experience the joy of food (assuming the quality of the meal is worthy of attention.)  Cider has its place, it can not substitute for a heavy red wine with such foods as tomato-based Italian dishes or chocolate, but it is superior when paired with traditional American foods such as turkey, pork and wild game, lots of seafood (especially shellfish), and many cheeses.  The malic acids in cider cut sharply though the butter-feel of rich foods and the soft tannins do not dry the mouth.  Cider is excellent with almost all salads.


Never drink and drive.  Just don’t do it.  Alcohol can enhance life in specific situations, but it can ruin an entire life when brought out from that specific context.  Please, please, please understand your responsibilities before enjoying cider, and if you have a problem with alcohol get help.

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