Cider has the potential to be the first great product to emerge from the “economy of scale”, a return to where it originated.  Buy local, small, and organic whenever possible. Quantity is at odds with quality.

-The Bashakill Winery is our closest retail location and it’s run by my friend Paul who I owe many thanks to.  One mile from us they always get first dibs on our ginger-apple cider and they are carrying it through the winter.

-We are out of cider until May’14 but locally we support Soons Orchard near Middletown, NY. They produce Orchard Hill cider and they just opened a beautiful tasting room.  Cheers to Jeff ans all the Soons.

-In the Northeast, Fedco Trees of Maine and St. Lawrence Nursery of NY can help you establish your organic orchard and garden.  If you live in the Northeast their plants will be best acclimated to your location.  Michael Phillips is the world’s leader in organic apple growing (“organic” is not just a marketing ploy for him so he uses the term “holistic”) and his books are required reading.

-I tell everyone to get Ben Watsons book for general information and Claude Jolicoeurs book for advanced cider information.

-We owe thanks to many more people and I’ll be posting more resource links soon. Please check back.

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