“The Cidery”, which produces Aaron Burr Cider in Wurtsboro, New York, is a small homestead farm dating back to the early 1800s. Our tenure (and you can read more about us) on this land began in 2006 with the planting of a cider-orchard. Cider-apples are as different from eating-apples as wine-grapes are from table-grapes. We use our apples and other locally grown and foraged apples for one mission: to re-create “true cider”, the rightful table wine of our land. 

This focus is founded on the belief that early Americans drank history’s best cider. Reestablishing this involves a lost holism -from farming to art, from the market to policies –cider is an identity. There is much from our recent past which must be undone but luckily the descendants of early cider apples do still exist in the wild. We believe their ability to survive the 20th century provides American cider and cider-orchards a paragon for the future.

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